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Applicants.Club brings thousands of other applicants to improve the quality of your application document. Every club member can help improve others applying document, learn experience from them and make profits.


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Applicants.Club offers a chance for every members to participate in peer reviewing, which means to review applying document for each other. Every applicant is guaranteed with help from other applicants because of the initial free credits. If someone wants to get more reviews from others, then please either work hard in helping others or just pay for others' help. More Information

Successful Examples

Massive Resources

In order to help our club members to start quickly, we have collected a great number of application document (statement of purpose and personal statement). These documents have been sorted with difficulty, so that one can start directly with the most suitable one. Don't always try to start with the easiest one or most difficult one. More Information

Start a Business

Make Profits!

Great News! We are making university application procedure a profit one, you can build you own business and make money every day by applying to an university. What's more awesome? You don't even have to apply to an university! As long as your English writing skills are good, you can make money with us. More Information

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